• This one's for the girls....(and the tom boys)!

    Posted by Posh Boutique

    There are certain things every girl needs in her wardrobe.
    • the perfect pair of jeans
    • a classic leather jacket
    • and that infamous LBD
    Yes ladies, we're talking little. black. dresses. 
    Your mom has it, your grandmother, and that random woman down the street. It's legendary, but at what point does it get old? Sure it's a "classic", but i mean come on...there's only so many times you can wear it until people start thinking you don't own any other clothing. 
    So put down the pumps and your tired wardrobe disappointment. We're giving your little black dress a makeover. 
    Whether you've got more of a girly or tomboy style, we've got you covered. Here are some of our favorite tips and trips for edging it up. 

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