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Black Rabbit Oxacam Skip cocktail with stylish Posh girl in her She+Sky fur jacket

By: Katie Halm
POSH Stylist and Nashville Hot-Spot Expert

Located in Printers Alley, Black Rabbit offers a variety of delicious small plates and even better cocktails, with a drink menu as diverse as it is clever.

This newish Nashville haunt lives up to Printer's Alley expectations and is the latest Prohibition-style cocktail bar on the scene, offering a quaint, old-timey atmosphere with the right hint of hip. We nestled into a big, plush velvety booth, and I was super pleased to find that my girls and I could enjoy live jazz yet still chit chat, catch up and share some small plates. 

The Black Rabbit's unique approach to the cocktail menu left a lasting impression, providing an assortment of classic cocktails along the left-hand side (such as the "Bee's Knees") juxtaposed along the right-hand side with Black Rabbit "Revisions" of the same cocktail but with a fresh twist.  

Overall, Black Rabbit is a great place for an after-hours business drink, a fun girls night, or a date with your special someone. And it totally lived up to the Posh She+Sky fur jacket I picked just for the occasion...

Iron-gate entrance to Nashville's Black Rabbit cocktail bar in Printer's Alley   Assorted mezcal and whiskey cocktails at Nashville's Black Rabbit cocktail bar in Printer's Alley   A tasty Rabbit Roll at Nashville's Black Rabbit cocktail bar in Printer's Alley


*Oaxacam Skip cocktail (compared to the classic sidecar) + Posh She+Sky fur jacket

*Black Rabbit iron-gate entrance

*Assorted mezcal and whiskey cocktails

*Rabbit Roll

(Also, tried but not pictured, the panzanella, roasted mushrooms, and the six-month ham...all delicious. The service was excellent, too!)