• Put a Little Spring in Your Step

    Posted by Posh Boutique

    There is truly nothing more awkward than a season change. Just as you're finally getting accustomed to weather-appropriate attire, Mother Nature pulls a fast one and decides its time for you to put away the Uggs and break out the suede slides.

    Unless you live in Nashville....In that case, mother nature seems to be a bit confused regarding our temperature. Nonetheless, season changes are weird...and uncomfortable...and does anyone know how to properly transition from fur lined coats to white lace?

    NOT TO FEAR. I'm here today to tell you it doesn't have to be that drastic. You can ease into it...

    Maybe with just a change of color, or cut? Maybe exchange your leather coat for a light wash jean jacket? And maybe place a tee under that strapless jumpsuit! Yes the temperature isn't exactly romper friendly...but it doesn't mean you need to go stomping around in your snow boots!

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