Posted by Kriste Goad

cute blonde girl in front of the Grimey's mural, tossing her long hair, wearing a Lynrd Skynrd retro concert T-shirt by Trunk Ltd


It’s high school reunion time, and it’s got me all sentimental thinking about the people, the TV shows, the memories, the music, and all those fabulous, original, 1980s concert T-shirts that I purged from my wardrobe.


Who knew they would make a fashion comeback as epic as Guns N' Roses and its top-grossing "Not in This Lifetime" tour?


I'm actually pretty pumped to have lived long enough to see some of the best of the ‘80s coming back into vogue, including some seriously kick-ass, retro concert T-shirts. I already have the Guns N' Roses shirt in my collection, but I nearly lost my mind the other day when one our new shipments included a Rick Springfield Working Class Dog number from Trunk Ltd. Are you kidding? That was my very first concert in sixth grade! At the Grand Ole Opry, no less!


Needless to say, it had to be bought, and I’m totally wearing it to the class reunion on Saturday. These retro concert Ts are so versatile that they're sure to be an Insta hit at any class reunion where “casual” is the dress code. I even made more than a few people jealous when I wore mine (paired with cutoffs) as a cover up last weekend at the lake.


Check out our full concert tee collection here. And, for the story behind a few of our featured artists, here's a handy curation of videos, articles and where-are-they-nows that you might like, too:

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BONUS LINK for all my fellow Class of 1987 fanatics. Entertain yourselves with this most amazing Counting Down the ‘80s Hits video. Totally worth the 9:18 of your time…