Posted by Posh Boutique

Nashville, I love you. Your weather? Not so much. 

Sure, a rainy day is fine when you get to stay in bed all day watching movies, but when it starts interfering with your wardrobe… feelings change. 

Now ladies, I’m going to need you to take a back seat on this one because I’m talking to the boys now. What do YOU wear when these grey skies tower over our beloved Nashville. You could throw on some boots, but then what?? Not to fear. I got you. 

FIRST: Let's talk shoes

Rain boots and duck boots are great, BUT if you wanna stop looking like a fishermen all the time try a leather tennis shoe. You still get your sporty, athletic style that you all know and love without ruining a sued or canvas shoe. 

Tip #2: Hot and Cold
...and with these rainy days, comes a bitter, bitter chill. SO, my rule number one is to layer, layer, layer. Whether it's a t-shirt under an open button up, with a leather jacket or bomber on top; OR your favorite hoodie thrown under another shirt-

layers. are. your. friends.

Tip #3: Keep it Cool

Monochromatic looks are effortless and cool BUT if you’re feeling a little iffy about wearing too much of the same color, throw a flannel or awesome shoe on to break it up. 

I'm not going to lie, I don’t necessarily consider myself an expert when it comes to menswear….however i do consider myself an expert on attractive men…so try it out today or any other day. Guaranteed you'll get a second look.